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Sporttracks; a free alternative to Garmin Training Center

I've been training for the London Marathon and bought a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS to monitor my progress and hopefully motivate me to push that bit harder. The GPS device itself is great and manages to find satellites fairly quickly (about a minute, slightly longer in very built-up areas) when outside and track them without losing signal thereafter. The Garmin Training Center (I was running GTC v3.4.3) however is shocking; my only assumption is that Garmin wanted to keep the cost down so invested everything into the device and let their users find alternative software. Kind of ...

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How to Host a Simple Web Site for Free with Google App Engine 9 moderately involved steps. A Guide I wrote for my Dad. Google App Engine is a free (up to 5 million pageviews per month) web application hosting platform that provides an interface to Google's highly scalable infrastructure. It's a very powerful platform, not really targeted at simple static HTML websites, but with a bit of setup effort, it can provide a great way to host your website for free. The following instructions assume that your website is static HTML (no serverside logic) and you're using Windows on your local machine (though the same software is also ...

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