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Starting a Self-Build House Adventure

Well it's official, we've just bought a ropey 1960s bungalow in Sheffield with the plan to demolish it and build our own house. If all goes to plan, it'll be self-build in the sense that we'll work with an architect to spec a house to our requirements and will be making loads of decisions along the way, but ultimately we won't be the ones laying the bricks. It's a decent sized plot by UK suburban standards, about 750 square metres, which is plenty for a good-sized house (200 square metres over 2 stories) with ...

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Self-Build: Insuring a House prior to Demolition (Property Owner's Liability)

We're now the proud owners of a tatty '60s bungalow for demolition followed by self-build project. Among the usual "new house" tasks - meter readings, sorting council tax, etc - it should be insured, even though it'll be reduced to rubble in the future. On the face of it, it sounds unnecessary to insure a for-demolition property since: - there's no mortgage secured on the property (if there was, the bank would be pretty unhappy about demolishing it!) - if it falls down or is vandalised, it doesn't really matter, but it seems that "fire, lightning and property owner's ...

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