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The Story of Cross-Country Ski Trekking in Norway

Feeling adventurous, four friends and I went cross-country ski trekking in the Norwegian Arctic Circle last month. The route, found in a book of summer hikes but followed instead when covered with several metres of snow, took us on a 6.5-day loop in the mountains from a remote station on the Narvik to Stockholm railway. [See route map below.] With limited cross-country skiing experience (2 of us had never used them before setting off at the start of the trek), the learning curve was steep, and a lot of research had to happen in the pre-trip planning to maximise ...

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Norway Cross-Country Ski Trek Kit List

Filling in some extra details on our cross-country skiing trek in Norway earlier this year, here's my kit list that saw me fairly comfortably survive 6 1/2 days skiing between huts in the Arctic Circle. Clothing and non-food kit list Skis, Poles, Boots Thin under-socks, thick outer socks Leggings, Waterproof trousers, Gaiters Baselayer, Mid-layer (eg. thin fleece) Down jacket (for stops / evenings / very cold days) Hard shell Sunglasses, Goggles Warm hat Thin gloves (to enable fiddly tasks without using bare hands) Thick gloves (that will fit over thin gloves) Sleeping bag (Rated to -15C or better in case ...

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