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Cycling the Coast-to-Coast C2C Route from Whitehaven to Sunderland

The C2C cycle route runs from the English west coast in Cumbria to the east coast at Tyne & Wear (see detailed map below). Having cycled the 8-day 'Wheelwright' mountain bike coast to coast route a couple of times before, the C2C seemed like a great way to cover similar ground in just 3 days. There's a few variations to the C2C route and we chose the Whitehaven to Sunderland option as a rough approximation to the traditional St Bees Head to Robin Hoods Bay walk. With about 15% optional off-road, the C2C is really a hybrid route, but we ...

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The Story of Cross-Country Ski Trekking in Norway

Feeling adventurous, four friends and I went cross-country ski trekking in the Norwegian Arctic Circle last month. The route, found in a book of summer hikes but followed instead when covered with several metres of snow, took us on a 6.5-day loop in the mountains from a remote station on the Narvik to Stockholm railway. [See route map below.] With limited cross-country skiing experience (2 of us had never used them before setting off at the start of the trek), the learning curve was steep, and a lot of research had to happen in the pre-trip planning to maximise ...

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Camping near the Roaches in the Peak District

Taking advantage of the fine weather last weekend, we had an impromptu camping trip to the Roaches in the Peak District near Leek, Staffordshire. The Roaches are a grit stone ridge on the high ground south of Buxton and are great for single pitch trad climbing and bouldering. There's a few multi-pitch routes on nearby Hen Cloud too. Our trad climbing skills are a bit rusty and the bouldering mat wouldn't fit in the car with all the camping gear and passengers, so we entertained ourselves with a walk along the Roaches down to natural chasm Lud's ...

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