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Japan cycle touring on rental bikes - Izumi, Kumamoto & Amakusa

We'd read in many places that Japan is a cycle touring heaven (, etc), so decided to spend 8 days biking and exploring rural Japan. Where exactly was a detail to figure out later. Since we were traveling to multiple countries, we wouldn't have our own bikes with us, so finding a decent bike rental place was the first challenge. This was more difficult than expected. It seems that multi-day bike rentals aren't at all common in Japan, cycle touring presumably not being all that popular domestically. We narrowed down our bike rental options to countryside-chiba ...

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Easy 105 yen conveyor sushi in Tokyo and Fukuoka - Uobei Genki Sushi

Eating out in Japan without speaking much (/ any) Japanese or being able to read Kanji characters can be tricky. Often we'd limit ourselves to places with pictures on the menu or plastic models of the food that we could point to. One place that ticked all the right boxes in terms of ease, tastiness and feeling like a uniquely Japanese experience was Uobei 'Genki Sushi'. We visited one branch in Hakata, Fukuoka (5th floor of Yodobashi electronics store, map) and one in Shibuya, Tokyo (map). It looks like there's quite a few other locations, but my Japanese isn ...

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