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MishMash Sheffield - 'Kitchen Café Bar' - Restaurant Review

MishMash on Sheffield's Ecclesall Rd is aptly named for its ecclectic menu and quirky but cool decor. I ate there last Friday night and enjoyed it enough to write a mini review of them here. First of all, it's a not an S&M Cafe-esque 'posh bangers and mash' place as we'd initially thought on hearing the name. MishMash, the name, applies much more to the general feel of the place with chunky wooden furniture, bold ceiling-high prints of the Peaks on the walls, and a bright but informal style. Although placing an emphasis on locally sourced ...

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Best Coffee Shops In Central London

Any day out in cental London needs a few coffee stops to punctuate it. I'm a big fan of the fine coffee purveyors of Covent Garden and Soho, and have reviewed a few of my favourite central London coffee shops below. Milk Bar (Bateman St, Soho, London W1D 4AG) Excellent Kiwi coffee house, sister of Flat White (see below), and my favourite establishment at the moment. Uses the same blend of coffee beans as Monmouth Coffee Company's default take-away; that is the stuff with the delicious slightly liquoricey edge to it. Dark and chilled atmosphere, funky art work ...

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Recipe for making Sloe Gin with Dried Sloe Berries

It's sloe season, and this year we're hoping to get hold of some fresh sloes to make delicious sloe gin. This jogs my memory that earlier in the year we made a batch of sloe gin with dried sloe berries bought off ebay, and I had difficulty finding a recipe with dried sloes. So for future reference, here's the recipe for sloe gin with dried berries that worked well for us. 750ml bottle of gin 300g dried sloe berries 150g granulated sugar 200ml of warm water The first and only difference between this recipe and using fresh ...

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Enjoying the wares of Brew Company Sheffield and Sea Island Coffee London

I enjoyed a visit to The Brew Company microbrewery in Sheffield last week. This is small-scale brewing, perhaps 10,000 pints of ale per week, that's supplied to Sheffield's finer ale pubs like the Fat Cat, Devonshire Cat and Kelham Island Tavern. The Head Brewer, owner, salesman, cleaner etc is Peter, who runs the brewery single-handedly and even finds time to do informal tours to ale enthusiasts on the occasional evening. We sampled his best bitter, a hoppy IPA, and a light ginger-flavoured ale. They were delicious with good punchy flavours -- no Smiths or Tetleys Creamflow here! And ...

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Easy 105 yen conveyor sushi in Tokyo and Fukuoka - Uobei Genki Sushi

Eating out in Japan without speaking much (/ any) Japanese or being able to read Kanji characters can be tricky. Often we'd limit ourselves to places with pictures on the menu or plastic models of the food that we could point to. One place that ticked all the right boxes in terms of ease, tastiness and feeling like a uniquely Japanese experience was Uobei 'Genki Sushi'. We visited one branch in Hakata, Fukuoka (5th floor of Yodobashi electronics store, map) and one in Shibuya, Tokyo (map). It looks like there's quite a few other locations, but my Japanese isn ...

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